28.06.2021 - 21:35

Neha B.

- District 14
  • Design and installation needs

    I need a professional to recommend and install childproof equipment

  • Age of Children

    Less than 1 year

  • Desired installation work

    I do not need any installation work
    Securing heavy furniture, cabinet doors, and appliances
    Installing baby gates
    Securing windows, screens, and blinds
    Childproofing electrical outlets
    As recommended by professional

  • Number of rooms needing work

    4 Rooms

  • Rooms to be worked on

    Entire Home
    Family room
    Basement / Attic

  • Property type


  • Customer understands that pros pay to quote

    I understand

  • How would you like to meet with the Professional?

    At the customer location

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